Principles of Defensive Driving

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Defensive driving is the critical awareness skill your professional drivers need to reduce the risk of accidents, injuries and even fatalities on the road. Our hands-on, onsite Principles of Defensive Driving training program teaches CMV and non-CMV drivers to see, decide, and act by:


Identifying potential hazards

Reacting safely to avoid danger

Managing proper vehicle speed and space

Inspecting vehicles for safety issues

Preventing distracted driving

Preparing for extreme weather conditions

Maneuvering forward and backward safety

And more


Help your company reduce risk, employ best practices and lower claims with safer drivers. Find upcoming classes near you!


How Our Training Program Works

This half-day, onsite program includes the vehicle and training location, and incorporates a comprehensive curriculum featuring these training elements:


Prerequisite Online Courses

Prior to the onsite training, your drivers will be enrolled in our high-impact online training programs, which include Visual Search, Distracted Driving, Speed and Space Management, Night Driving, Hazard Perception, and more.


Classroom Instruction

Featuring interactive discussions, this phase of the program reviews the content of the online courses to ensure drivers have a solid understanding of key training topics.


Vehicle Inspections

Your drivers will learn how to ensure their vehicle is operating safely by effectively conducting a thorough vehicle inspection on the types of vehicles they’ll be operating on the job.


Range Training

This hands-on experience will give your drivers the opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge and behaviors in a safe, closed-course environment with individual coaching from our trainers.


After successfully completing the program, each participant will receive a certificate of completion.

Why Our Program Is So Effective

We have a team of veteran instructors who are highly-skilled at training drivers, with decades of experience operating and instructing on all types of vehicles. These instructors combine our proprietary program methods with adult learning techniques to ensure maximum retention.



$395 per learner. Classes limited to 10 learners.

Upcoming Classes


Principles of Defensive Driving for CMV and Non-CMV Drivers

April 17, 2023 - Phoenix, AZ

Morning and afternoon ½-day sessions available - call 833-982-1236 to schedule!


NPHX Church

5757 North Central Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85012


April 17, 2023 - Madison, WI

Morning and afternoon ½-day sessions available - call 833-982-1236 to schedule!


Lakeview Lutheran Church

4001 Mandrake Rd

Madison, WI 53704


April 24, 2023 - Kennesaw, GA

Morning and afternoon ½-day sessions available - call 833-982-1236 to schedule!


NorthStar Church

3413 Blue Springs Road

Kennesaw, GA 30144

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