Reducing Your Risk with Safer & Smarter Drivers, Operators & Trainers

Your drivers and operators are a key part of your success, especially given the need for safety and efficiency while dealing with on-the-job risks. J. J. Keller® Safe & Smart Training can train your employees - and even your trainers - to make safety a top priority.


Delivered in person by veteran instructors, our suite of training programs incorporate multiple training methods combined with adult learning techniques to ensure maximum results. We can also tailor your training for the exact type of vehicles your employees operate, the unique risks they face, and any policies your company has in place.

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Trainer Certification

Your Company's Safety Is Our Mission

For 70 years J. J. Keller has been helping companies like yours run safer, more efficiently, and with reduced regulatory risk. Our purpose is to create safer workplaces and highways, so your employees thrive and return home each day to the families who love them.

Discover how J. J. Keller will teach your driver trainers using a range demonstration.

Did you hear? FedEx Ground Selects J. J. Keller as Qualified Vendor of Trainer Certification Services.

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