Trainer Certification Programs

The quality of your company’s drivers and equipment operators can make the difference between high risk and high profits. But it all comes down to the quality of the people training them. With J. J. Keller’s Safe & Smart® Trainer Certification Programs, your staff will get the industry’s most in-depth, hands-on and company-specific instruction from our expert trainers—many with decades of driving experience.

Certified Trainer Badge

Our trainer certification programs will teach your trainers to use our online, classroom, range and road training methods combined with adult learning techniques to improve lesson retention. Not only will you gain effective professional trainers, you’ll be able to provide a career path for your veteran drivers.

For whatever types of vehicles or powered industrial trucks your business needs to provide training on, we’ll make sure they’re prepared to be professional, effective trainers. With our flexible scheduling and access to our regulatory experts, you’ll get the most cost-effective way to ensure the safety of your drivers and operators. And at any time, you can have J. J. Keller train your employees directly, too!

Trainer Certification Programs

Driver Trainer Certification

We'll transform your staff into highly-qualified trainers of CDL Class A and non-CDL drivers of vehicles ranging from…

  • Heavy-duty vehicle CDL class A
  • Light-duty non-CDL Class 3-8
  • Fleet vehicles
  • And more
ELDT Trainer Certification

Keep your company in compliance with the entry-level driving training (ELDT) rule by preparing your trainers to deliver our proprietary ELDT curriculum to new drivers, as well as those looking to earn their passenger or hazmat endorsement.


Yard Driver Trainer Certification

Moving a trailer to and from the dock is a vital link that must be done safely by skilled and qualified yard drivers. Let us teach your trainers to deliver the practical training these drivers need when moving trailers in the yard and on the road.


Forklift Trainer Certification

OSHA’s Powered Industrial Trucks Standard requires operators to undergo stringent initial training, evaluation and certification, with a reevaluation every three years. This program gives your trainers the skills needed to conduct that training in-house.


Need to start with the basics? Ask about adding DOT 101 Training!

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Get Ongoing Risk Mitigation with Year-Round Trainer Support!

Build the skills of your trainers all year long with our unique Trainer Certification Programs that deliver continuing support, including:

  • Risk assessment to identify safety and compliance gaps related to your current training program
  • Customized plan to mitigate that risk
  • Ongoing staff training and materials
  • Online training course assignments, including Corrective Action Training (CAT), for your trainees
  • Training material updates as needed
  • Virtual refresher training conducted annually
  • Onsite, full recertification training conducted as required
  • Unlimited access to J. J. Keller driver training and safety experts
  • Quarterly Training Health Checks to analyze your training effectiveness

Reduce Your Drivers’ Risk with Safe & Smart® Training

With J. J. Keller’s Safe & Smart® Training, you get our hands-on, holistic approach to preventing common violations and accidents.


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