Forklift Trainer Certification

OSHA requires any employee operating a powered industrial truck (PIT) to be trained and evaluated prior to operation. The Safe & Smart® Forklift Trainer Certification Program gives your trainers the knowledge, skills and experience to train your company’s forklift operators and certify them to operate safely at your company. With forklift safety violations consistently appearing on OSHA’s list of Most Cited Standards, being able to deliver effective training is key to preventing accidents, avoiding fines and saving your company from high workers’ comp costs and lost productivity.

 Forklift Training

We have the unique experience to train your operators on the hazards and requirements of any powered industrial truck (PIT), including:

  • Warehouse forklift
  • Motorized pallet jack
  • Order picker
  • Man-up
  • Reach truck
  • Stand-up forklift
  • Hyster forklift
  • Cherry picker
  • Yale forklift
  • Raymond forklift
  • Skytrak forklift
  • Moffett truck-mounted forklift
  • And more
Motorized Pallet Jack
Order Picker
Cherry Picker

Once trained, your trainers will be prepared to effectively deliver J. J. Keller’s Safe & Smart® program in the classroom, on the range and concluding with final certification.

Get Ongoing Risk Mitigation with Year-Round Trainer Support

Our program provides ongoing support to continuously improve your forklift safety and prepare trainers for refresher training and recertification!

How Our Trainer Certification Programs Work

Woman reading on tablet
Classroom Instruction

Gives your trainers a review of forklift regulations, operation and safety, in addition to instruction on how to deliver written tests.

Parents with newborn baby
Range Training

Demonstrates how to set up a range, conduct PIT inspections, coach operators and conduct final testing.

Two employees wearing surgical masks.
Evaluation & Certification

Concludes with recommendations for improvements, advice on best practices and certification to deliver the Safe & Smart® Forklift Trainer Certification Program.

Truck on highway

Why Our Program is So Effective

Our team of veteran instructors are skilled at training in all types of powered industrial trucks (PIT). You'll be assigned a trainer who we've certified as highly qualified in operating training on the specific type of PIT your staff will train on. These instructors combine our proprietary training methods with adult learning techniques to ensure maximum retention. And all of this is tailored for the specific needs of your facility.

Training Program Resources

In addition to teaching your trainers using the actual PIT types they'll train with, this program provides all of the content and resources needed, including:

  • Forklift DVD training program
  • Safe & Smart™ Forklift PowerPoint presentation
  • Safe & Smart™ Forklift operator workbooks
  • Safe & Smart™ Forklift trainer guidebook
  • Unlimited access to J. J. Keller subject-matter experts to answer your regulatory & safety questions

High-Impact Training for Forklift Operators and Trainers

With J. J. Keller’s Safe & Smart Forklift Operator Training and Forklift Trainer Certification Program, you get our hands-on, holistic approach to preventing the all-too-common forklift violations and accidents.


Forklift Training — Develop an In-House Program

So, you want to train your forklift operators in-house, instead of sending them out to the expensive third-party training facility. How would you go about setting up an in-house program?

OSHA Training Requirements Tip Sheet

From Forklift Safety to Walking-Working Surfaces and more, learn what training is required by OSHA, along with the required training recordkeeping. Download this FREE resource today!

Forklift Safety & Training

Forklift safety has seen a renewed focus recently with the observance of National Forklift Safety Day, a revised ANSI lift truck industry standard, and a regulatory agenda item to revise the OSHA standard. The increased focus is with good reason: powered industrial trucks (PIT) continue to be in heavy use throughout industry, and continue to be a source of severe injuries to workers.

Training Improves Driver Retention

Driver retention has always been an Achilles heel for the trucking industry. Driver shortages and high turnover rates have been the norm for years. But driver retention will become an even more critical issue in the future as driver shortages and turnover rates are expected to climb dramatically over the next several years.

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