Defensive Driver Training

Defensive driving is the critical awareness skill your professional drivers need to reduce the risk of accidents, injuries and even fatalities on the road. This program teaches drivers of any type vehicle, from personal vehicles to heavy-duty trucks, how to drive defensively, avoid distracted driving, prepare for extreme weather, and manage proper speed and space on the highway.

On-Site Training - At Your Location

When you choose on-site training, our veteran trainers will come to your location and use your choice of vehicles.  You pick the date that works best, and we come to you!

We cover the topics and techniques to establish a proactive driver safety strategy.  Even seasoned drivers need consistent refreshers on defensive driving skills. Using the key aspects of “See, Decide, Act” we believe any driver, in any vehicle can improve their driving habits.

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Open Enrollment/Public Classes

Our open-enrollment classes are a great option if you have employees in various locations or just a few employees in need of training.  When you choose the open enrollment training, we provide the location and vehicle so all you need to do is send your employees ready to learn.

Q1 sessions to be announced soon!

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The curriculum focuses on the key aspects of see, decide and act by:

  • Identifying potential hazards
  • Reacting safely to avoid danger
  • Managing proper vehicle speed and space
  • Inspecting vehicles for safety issues
  • Preventing distracted driving
  • Preparing for extreme weather conditions
  • Maneuvering forward and backward safety
  • And more

Help your company reduce risk, employ best practices and lower claims with defensive drivers!

High Impact Training Methods

This onsite program incorporates a comprehensive curriculum featuring the following training elements. After successfully completing the program, each participant will receive a certificate of completion.

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Online Courses

Drivers will be enrolled in our high-impact online training programs, which include Visual Search, Distracted Driving, Speed and Space Management, Night Driving, Hazard Perception, and more.

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Classroom Instruction

Featuring interactive discussions, this phase of the program reviews the content of the online courses to ensure drivers have a solid understanding of key training topics.

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Range Training

Gives your drivers the opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge and behaviors in a safe, closed-course environment with individual coaching from our trainers.

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Vehicle Inspections

Your drivers will learn how to ensure their vehicle is operating safely by effectively conducting a thorough vehicle inspection on the types of vehicles they’ll be operating on the job.

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Why Our Program is So Effective

We have a team of veteran instructors who are skilled at training in all types of vehicles. The instructors combine our proprietary program methods with adult learning techniques to ensure maximum retention. And all of this is tailored for the specific needs of your operation. You'll be assigned a trainer who we've certified as highly qualified in training on the specific type of vehicles your staff will train on.

Assessing Your Needs
We’ll work with you to develop the most effective driver training program by evaluating your:

  • Driver performance data
  • Most common/serious crashes
  • Driver segments with the most crashes
  • Average cost per crash
  • Driver turnover rate
  • Vehicle types


Defensive Driving — Not a One and Done

Defensive driving skills that should be covered regularly include seeing and being seen, visual scanning, speed and space management, merging, and navigating intersections. Plan to cover each of these topics at least once a year, or more often if you notice a need for refresher or corrective-action training.

3 Tips for Training Seasonal Drivers

Winter is here, and with it comes an onslaught of seasonal drivers to help haul cargo, deliver packages, and clear snowy roads. Although some employees work the same seasonal job year after year, most will be brand new to your company, and maybe even to the transportation industry.

Providing Driver Training to a Diverse Group of Learners

Trucking is a diverse industry. It employs individuals of various ages, backgrounds, and experiences. This diversity adds value to an organization, but it can also present challenges for even the most experienced driver trainer. What may work in an instructional setting for one individual may not work for another.

Get More Out of Your Road Tests

Road test requirements are designed to aid in vetting driver applicants, but your road test should do more than evaluate driving skill. It should also help determine long-term fit. A standardized road test is an indicator of whether a driver can safely handle your equipment. It can also give you insight into the driver's ability to learn, be patient in stressful situations, and fit into your team.

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