An Investment in Reducing Risk

The easiest way to measure your return on investment in the Safe & Smart Training Program is to look at the risk of inadequately trained drivers and operators. An ineffective or incomplete program that's not customized for your operation and drivers/operators can lead to accidents and incidents. These can result in fatalities, injuries, vehicle damage, lost freight, downtime, or litigations. They can also result in poor CSA scores, prompting an investigation or audit that could shut down your operation. 

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J. J. Keller® Safe & Smart Training ROI

Maximize ROI with Expert Driver Training. Avoid the risks of inadequately trained commercial drivers with J. J. Keller's Safe & Smart Training Programs. Discover the value this training investment brings to your bottom line.

Fewer Accidents

Fewer Accidents & Injuries

Properly trained drivers avoid crashes that result in significant monetary costs - lawsuits, liability, or lost productivity.

Safe & Smart clients have seen a 15% reduction in accidents over 34 million miles driven!

Less Damage

Less Vehicle or Cargo Damage

Drive down maintenance, repair or cargo damage costs when drivers have the knowledge to conduct proper inspections, load cargo securely and operate without denting, scraping or crashing your vehicles.

Fewer Violations

Fewer Violations, Better Scores

Drivers who know the traffic codes and violations are less likely to violate them.  Initial, ongoing and corrective action training prevent the monetary and lost time costs of violations and improves your CSA scores.

Litigation Protection

Increased Litigation Protection

Operating safely and compliantly, and developing policies that include training that goes beyond minimum requirements helps safeguard from legal peril.

Lower Insurance Rates

Lower Insurance Rates

Continuously train your drivers so you can achieve low accident, loss, and violation rates that lead to reduced premium rates.

Less Downtime

Less Downtime

Downtime, whether due to equipment failure, an accident, or being placed out of service is costly.  Prevent losses by teaching proper pre-trips and defensive driving.

Driver Retention

Driver Retention

Avoid the cost of turnover.  Drivers are attracted to and stay longer at companies who are engaged in a culture of safety and training.

Brand Protection

Increased Brand Protection

Bad publicity in the media or online can have a negative impact on your bottom line.  Keep your company name in a positive light with drivers who are well-versed in safe driving practices.

Think you know how common and costly large truck accidents are?

Test Your Knowledge

Let the Safe & Smart Training Program deliver a real ROI for you company!

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