Canada Driver Training & Trainer Certification

If your company has fleet operations in Canada, you need safety training that helps reduce the risk of accidents while also meeting the Canadian-specific provincial/territorial and federal National Safety Code (NSC) standards. We’ve got you covered!

Our curriculum — delivered by Canadian regulatory experts who speak both English and Canadian French — provide comprehensive finishing training for drivers who have already completed Canada’s baseline Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT). And we can even train your internal trainers to deliver this proprietary curriculum.

Canada Driver Training

Our in-depth curriculum covers everything from vehicle inspections to defensive driving, post-accident procedures and much more. Our instructors can train your drivers on the challenges and requirements of almost any vehicle, including tractor trailers, tank trucks, reefers, motorcoaches, straight trucks, refrigerated vans and flatbeds.  

Your drivers will get the knowledge and skills they need to prevent accidents, avoid violations, and reduce the risk of liability while staying committed to your company.

How Our Training Program Works

During this onsite program, our trainers will teach your drivers using a comprehensive program that consists of these elements, available in English and French Canadian:

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Online Courses

Ensures your drivers have a strong understanding of vehicle operations, safety practices and the regulations that apply to them

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Classroom Instruction

Featuring interactive discussions, this phase of the program reviews the content of the online courses to ensure drivers have a solid understanding of key training topics.

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Range Experience

Allows drivers to apply their newfound knowledge, skills and behaviors in a closed-course environment.

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Road Experience

Enables drivers to practice their safe driving skills and defensive driving awareness behind the wheel, concluding with a road test.

Why Our Program is So Effective

We employ a team of veteran instructors who are skilled at training in all types of vehicles. The instructors combine our proprietary program methods with adult learning techniques to ensure maximum retention. And all of this is tailored for the specific needs of your operation.

You'll be assigned a trainer who we've certified as highly qualified in training on the specific type of vehicles your drivers will operate.

Assessing Your Needs

We’ll work with you to develop the most effective Canada driver training program by evaluating your:

  • Driver performance data
  • Most common/serious crashes
  • Driver segments with the most crashes
  • Average cost per crash
  • Driver turnover rate
  • Vehicle types

Canada Driver Trainer Certification

Our Canadian regulatory experts will develop your staff into highly-qualified trainers of professional drivers who need Canada-specific finishing training, refresher training or coaching. 

Your trainers will gain the knowledge and skills they need to help your drivers prevent accidents, avoid violations, reduce risk and liability and stay committed to your company.

Certified Trainer Badge

How Our Trainer Certification Programs Work

During this onsite program, your trainers will learn how to train your drivers using a comprehensive program that includes these elements, available in both English and Canadian French:

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Online Course Review

Ensures your trainers have a strong understanding of the same content your drivers will be tested on while taking the Safe & Smart™ online courses.

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Classroom Instruction

Teaches your trainers how to effectively use and deliver our course curriculum materials in the classroom.

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Range & Road Experience

Demonstrates how to set up a closed-course range, conduct vehicle inspections and backing exercises, coach drivers on the road and conduct final testing.

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Evaluation and Certification

Concludes with recommendations for improvements, advice on best practices and certification to deliver the Safe & Smart® Driver Training Program.

Why In-House Training Programs are So Valuable

A quality in-house training program helps your company:

  • Improve employee safety and reduce regulatory risk
  • Increase employee retention by demonstrating a commitment to their success
  • Ensure new drivers and operators understand your safety culture
  • Provide a career path within your company for trainers who want to build their skills
  • Demonstrate your company’s commitment to safety in the event of legal liability
Trainer Driver

Training Resources

Build the skills of your trainers all year long with our continuing support, including:

  • Safe & Smart® Trainer Program Guidebook
  • PowerPoint presentation for conducting classroom instruction
  • Access to Safe & Smart™ driver training online courses, plus course assignments for driver trainees
  • Safe & Smart® driver training workbooks
  • Monthly Driver Training Awareness newsletter
  • Unlimited access to our subject matter experts for regulatory & safety questions
  • Certification of Safe & Smart® driver trainers
  • Onsite recertification of trainers as required
  • Virtual refresher training conducted annually
  • Quarterly Training Health Checks
  • And more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We have trainers on staff who speak both Canadian French and English, in addition to offering all training materials in French Canadian and English.

Canada’s Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT) covers only the bare minimum safety skills. Safe & Smart® Training focuses on the next level of fundamental driving skills and finishing training for commercial drivers operating in Canada. It offers a curriculum that includes courses on visual search, communication, speed and space, weights and dimensions, cargo securement, vehicle Inspections, extreme driving conditions, hazard perception, driving emergencies, and distracted driving. This training is comprehensive and aims to help drivers anticipate and avoid potential dangers on the road.

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