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Defensive Driving Training




Our onsite defensive driving training uses a combination of online, classroom and range training combined with learning checks during all training phases to create safer drivers who are prepared to drive defensively on the road.


It’s designed to teach both CDL and non-CDL drivers how to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) skillfully and safely, stay alert and driving defensively on the road, avoid distracted driving, prepare for extreme weather, and manage proper speed and space on the highway.

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During this training, our trainers will walk your drivers through a comprehensive program that employs these high-impact training methods:


Online Course

Ensure drivers have a strong understanding of vehicle operations, safety practices and the regulations that apply to them.


Classroom Experience

Offers interactive, in-depth classroom training focused on CMV driving and prepares drivers to go out on the range.


Range Experience

Allows drivers to apply their newfound knowledge, skills and behaviors in a safe, closed-course environment.

CDL and Non-CDL Program Curriculum


  • Visual Search, Communication, Distracted Driving, Speed and Space Management, Night Driving, Preparing for Extreme Conditions, Extreme Weather Conditions, Mountain Driving and Curves, Hazard Perception, Skid Control and Recovery, Driving Emergencies

Day 1

  • Classroom experience to review online training course content
  • Range experience to conduct maneuvering exercises

Day 2

  • 1:1 behind-the wheel range experience with driver for coaching/observation/road testing
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Assessing Your Needs

We’ll work with you to develop the most effective defensive driver training program tailored for your needs by reviewing:

  • Driver performance data
  • Most common/serious crashes
  • Driver segments with the most crashes
  • Average cost per crash
  • Vehicle types
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Assessing Safe & Smart™ Training Programs

In addition to Defensive Driving, we also offer…

  • CDL/Non-CDL Driver Training
  • Yard Driver Training
  • ELDT Trainer Certification
  • CDL/Non-CDL Trainer Certification
  • Yard Driver Trainer Certification
  • Company-Specific Needs-Based Training

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