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Company-Specific Training

Your company is unique, which is why we'll tailor our program to take into account the specific needs of your operation. Options include:

  • Training for inexperienced and experienced drivers, non-CDL drivers, CDL Class A drivers, yard drivers, plus recurring driver training, driver coaching and even training your trainers to use our program.
  • Training in your company vehicles or rented comparable vehicles, including almost any class 3 - 8 CMV, to provide the most relevant training possible. 
  • Training that takes into account the cargo your drivers haul, the industry they operate in and any route-related challenges.
  • Customized training materials, including courses, workbooks, driver scenarios and other company-specific content.

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In-Depth Curriculum

To provide your drivers with the most effective training possible, we developed a comprehensive approach, which includes:

  • A four-phased program combining online, classroom, range, and road training, along with the quizzes, proctored exams and other training reinforcement techniques.
  • Training that incorporates the latest adult-learning methods to ensure all types of trainees will effectively retain each lesson.
  • Training topics that improve driver safety, including basic vehicle controls, backing, distracted driving, regulatory requirements, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and much more.
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Highly-Exprienced Trainers

With the highest quality trainers in the industry, we're able to deliver the highest quality of training. Our trainers:

  • Are veteran drivers and instructors, most with decades of experience working with the nation's largest fleets.
  • Have been certified as highly qualified in operating CMVs and in training and testing CMV drivers on any type of vehicle your drivers will operate. 
  • Are DOT-qualified drivers under the J. J. Keller DOT number.
  • Have experience leading vehicle inspections in most types of class 3 - 8 CMVs.
  • Provide one-on-one behind-the-wheel coaching. 
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