An Investment in Reducing Risk

The easiest way to measure your return on investment in the Safe & Smart Training Program is to look at the risk of inadequately trained drivers and operators. An ineffective or incomplete program that's not customized for your operation and drivers/operators can lead to accidents and incidents. These can result in fatalities, injuries, vehicle damage, lost freight, downtime, or litigations. They can also result in poor CSA scores, prompting an investigation or audit that could shut down your operation. 


If that's not costly enough, prior driver crash involvement continues to be an indicator of future crash involvement. According to the ATRI "Predicting Truck Crash Involvement: 2018 Update," drivers involved in a crash in 2013 were 74% more likely to be in a crash in 2014. 


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The High Cost of Poorly Trained Drivers 

  • $91,000

    Average cost to a carrier of a large truck crash 

  • $3,600,000

    Average cost of a fatal large truck crash 

  • 300

    Number of large truck accident cases that occured from 2014 to 2019 with legal awards over $1 milion each

  • 4,951

    Number of people killed in crashes involving large trucks in 2018

  • 151,000

    Number of people injured in crashes involving large trucks in 2018

Let the Safe & SmartTraining Program deliver a real ROI for you company.


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