Experienced, Effective CMV Driver Trainers 

An effective driver training program starts with effective trainers, and ours have proven to be some of the best in the business. Each J. J. Keller trainer is a DOT-qualified driver under the J. J. Keller DOT number. These veteran driver instructors — many with decades of experience with the nation's largest fleets — incorporate the latest adult learning methods to improve learning retention for all types of drivers. And they can do it for your drivers, too. 


You'll be assigned a trainer who we've certified as highly qualified in operating CMVs, and in training and testing CMV driver on the specific type of vehicles your drivers will operate. They'll not only have experience with that vehicle, but be provided with refresher educational material for leading vehicle inspections. It's the high quality of our trainers that delivers the high quality of our training. 

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Our Leaders

Rustin Keller
President & CEO



Dana Gillman
Chief Financial Officer


Steve Murray
VP of Content & Consulting Services



Dustin Kufahl
Director of Driver Training Program

Mark Dilcom,
Driver Training Manager 

Experience: 19 years

Jim Worsdale,
Driver Training Manager

Experience: 18 years

Max Smith,
Driver Training Manager 

Experience: 15 years

Melvin Jenkins, Jr.,
Driver Training Manager

Experience: 30 years

Brandon Wooden, MS/CTE
Driver Training Manager

Experience: 30 years

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