Winter is Here! Time to Catch up on Maintenance, Including Maintaining (Training) Your People

December 18, 2023

In the construction industry, there are only two seasons: work and winter. During the work season, people and equipment do the hard work necessary to build things. This season is marked by long workdays and weeks. It is also a time when many maintenance-related tasks are delayed. The intention is to catch up on these tasks once the workload slows down.

With the arrival of winter, the operational tempo in the construction industry typically slows. This gives companies the time to catch up on the deferred maintenance. When this happens, do not forget to catch up on your driver maintenance.

What is driver maintenance? It is refreshing your drivers on how to do their job safely.

Once the work slows down, you have time to train your drivers on defensive driving skills, such as visual search, communications, hazard perception, speed and space management, emergency maneuvering, and dealing with adverse conditions. You also have time to refresh your drivers on vehicle inspections, railroad crossing safety, post-crash procedures, human trafficking, and other important topics.

Doing this will make sure that when the next work season comes, your drivers are ready for it! 

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How J. J. Keller Can Help

You don’t have to worry about creating a safe and compliant program. Our training experts can create curriculum specific to your operation to train your drivers or trainers on your vehicles, on your schedule.