Driver Trainer Certification Program (CDL Class A and Non-CDL)

Let our experts develop your staff into highly-qualified trainers of CDL Class A and non-CDL drivers. Your trainers will gain the knowledge and skills they need to help your drivers prevent accidents, avoid violations, reduce risk and liability and stay committed to your company.


We have the unique experience to train your drivers on the challenges and requirements of any CDL or non-CDL vehicle, including:

CDL/Heavy duty

Medium duty

Light duty

Step van

Business fleet


Once trained, your company trainers will be prepared to effectively deliver J. J. Keller’s Safe & Smart® Driver Training Program online, in the classroom, on the range and on the road.



How Our Trainer Certification Programs Work

During this onsite program, our trainers will teach your driver trainers using a comprehensive program that consists of these elements:


Online Course Review

Ensures your trainers have a strong understanding of the same content your drivers will be tested on while taking the Safe & Smart™ online courses.


Classroom Instruction

Teaches your trainers how to effectively use and deliver our course curriculum materials in the classroom.


Range and Road Training

Demonstrates how to set up a closed-course range, conduct vehicle inspections and backing exercises, coach drivers on the road and conduct final testing.


Evaluation and Certification

Concludes with recommendations for improvements, advice on best practices and certification to deliver the Safe & Smart® Driver Training Program.

Why Our Program Is So Effective


We employ a team of veteran instructors who are skilled at training in all types of vehicles. The instructors combine our proprietary program methods with adult learning techniques to ensure maximum retention. And all of this is tailored for the specific needs of your operation.


You'll be assigned a trainer who we've certified as highly qualified in operating training on the specific type of vehicles your staff will train on.

Training Program Resources

In addition to training your trainers using the actual CMV types they’ll train with, this program provides all of the content and resources needed, including:


♦ Safe & Smart® Trainer Program Guidebook

♦ PowerPoint presentation for conducting classroom instruction

♦ Access to Safe & Smart™ driver training online courses

♦ Safe & Smart® driver training workbooks

♦ Monthly Driver Training Awareness newsletter

♦ Unlimited access to our subject matter experts for regulatory & safety questions

♦ Certification of Safe & Smart® driver trainers


Give your driver trainers practical supplies to make training easier by adding the Safe & Smart PPE Driver Training Kit.

Put Your Driver Trainers on the Road to Success!

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