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Get your new drivers on the road to success—and keep them at your company longer—by training your trainers to deliver powerful entry-level driver training (ELDT). 

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With J. J. Keller’s Safe & Smart® ELDT Certification Program, your trainers will gain the skills and knowledge they need to train drivers to prevent accidents, avoid violations, reduce liability and begin a safe career at your company. In fact, our clients have seen a 20% greater retention rate, which dramatically improves your training ROI!

After completing this program, your driver trainers will be prepared to effectively deliver J. J. Keller’s Safe & Smart® ELDT curriculum online, in the classroom, on the range and on the road. It’s the industry’s most hand-on, customizable trainer certification program, providing the flexibility to train your trainers when and how it works best for you. Not only is it ideal for new drivers, it’s ideal for your trainers who want to build theirs skills for the life of your drivers — and be able to continue coaching them the entire way.

How Our ELDT Trainer Certification Program Works

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Online Course Review

Ensures trainers have a strong understanding of the same content entry-level drivers will be tested on while taking the Safe & Smart® online courses.

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Classroom Instruction

Teaches your trainers how to effectively use and deliver our ELDT course curriculum materials in the classroom.

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Range & Road Experience

Demonstrates how to set up a range, conduct vehicle inspections and backing exercises, coach drivers on the road and conduct final testing.

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Evaluation & Certification

Concludes with recommendations for improvements, advice on best practices and certification to deliver the Safe & Smart™ Program to entry-level drivers.

Plus, we'll assist with getting your company registered on FMCSA's Training Program Registry (TPR) and provide ongoing checkups and support.
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Why Our Program is So Effective

We employ a team of veteran instructors who are skilled at training in all types of vehicles. The instructors combine our proprietary program methods with adult learning techniques to ensure maximum retention. And all of this is tailored for the specific needs of your operation.

You'll be assigned a trainer who we've certified as highly qualified in operating training on the specific type of vehicles your staff will train on.

Assessing Your Needs

In addition to training your trainers using the actual CMV types they’ll train with, this program provides all of the content and resources needed, including:

  • Safe & Smart® ELDT Trainer Program Guidebook
  • PowerPoint presentation for conducting classroom instruction
  • Access to all Safe & Smart™ ELDT online courses
  • Safe & Smart® ELDT workbooks
  • Monthly Driver Training Awareness newsletter
  • Unlimited access to our subject matter experts for regulatory & safety questions
  • Two-year certification of Safe & Smart® ELDT trainers

New Entry-Level Driver Training Solutions

Discover how J. J. Keller makes compliance with the new Entry-Level Driver Training rule easy!

ELDT Trainer FAQs

Although the entry-level driver training (ELDT) rule is over two years old, some confusion persists regarding what’s required. Common questions include:

Theory and behind-the-wheel ELDT must be completed within one year of each other.

Yes. There is no exception to the behind-the-wheel (range and road) requirements, but fewer theory (classroom) topics need to be covered. The special “upgrade” curriculum includes 22 topics instead of the 30 topics required for a new Class A.

No. Removal of a restriction — such as one that restricts a driver from operating a manual transmission or driving an air-brake-equipped vehicle — does not require the completion of ELDT if the driver maintains the same class of CDL.

Yes. The ELDT rule does not prohibit motor carriers from performing in-house training. However, such training does not satisfy any of the ELDT requirements unless you are a registered ELDT training provider. The driver must still obtain ELDT from a provider listed on the Training Provider Registry (TPR).


Looking Back and Looking Ahead on ELDT’s One-Year Anniversary

February 7, 2023, marks the one-year anniversary of the implementation of the entry-level driver training (ELDT) rule. So, how has it gone and what’s next? Let’s take a look.

ELDT: Training Provider Requirements Compliance Brief

Entry-level drivers aren't able to take their CDL test until they successfully complete a specific program of theory and behind-the-wheel instruction provided by a school or other entity listed on FMCSA's new Training Provider Registry (TPR).

Entry-Level Driver Training and Government Entities: The Top 3 Questions

There is an exception to the majority of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) for transportation performed by the federal government, state government, or a political subdivision of a state (§390.3(f)(2)). 

Entry-Level Driver Training Whitepaper

Understand the impact that the Entry-Level Driver Training rule has on your fleet. Download this free resource today!

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